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Both domestically and abroad, Media-Plan organises specialist exhibitions for conferences in the technical and other non-medical areas. The company was set up in 1989 by Karl Kreiner and belongs to the MAW Group, specialised in medical conference exhibitions ever since the 1950s.

The dedicated and experienced Media-Plan team looks back on many years’ experience in promoting, selling and organising with respect to specialist exhibitions, thus assisting conference organisers in implementing their goals in financial and organisational terms.

Our services at a glance

  • Exhibition marketing and selling
  • Sponsor promotion
  • Implementation of exhibitions — advertising, printing, shipping
  • Stand assembly/ scientific poster exhibitions
  • Organisation of international exhibitions, domestically and abroad

Our strengths

  • International expertise
  • Solid network — invaluable contacts with sponsors and conference centres worldwide
  • Over 60 years of experience with national and international conferences

Long-time costumers

  • International Congress for Infectious Diseases (ICID) — global, 1983 to 2016
  • Kongress und Fachmesse Gas Wasser, Austrian Society for Gas and Water (ÖVGW) — annually since 1981
  • International Vienna Motor Symposium — Vienna, annually since 1984
  • Plant Conferences, Vienna International Plant Conference Association (VISCEA) — Vienna, annually since 2008
  • Paper & Biorefinery Conference — Graz, annually since 2010
  • Regular stand and poster board assemblies for universities and other institutions


Exhibition marketing and selling

In writing and in handpicked personal conversations, the trained Media-Plan advertisement and sales team investigates and contacts potential exhibitors with regard to the given conference topic in an attempt to motivate them to participate in and support the congress.

Media-Plan elaborates the respective invitation brochures and contract forms, while managing and accounting the incoming bookings.

Sponsor promotion

Media-Plan supports conference organisers in terms of ensuring the participation of industrial partners as both exhibitors and sponsors. Sponsoring concepts tuned to the given conferences are elaborated and corresponding offers made to the companies.

Particular attention is paid to perfect care for these substantial partner companies and for meticulous management devoted to the agendas linked to the sponsoring offer.

Exhibition implementation

Media-Plan, as the exhibition organiser, is responsible for all issues related to the management of an exhibition – in planning, the preparatory phase and on site. In this connection, Media-Plan serves as a key contact point for all of our sponsors’ and exhibitors’ concerns, thus facilitating work on the part of the companies concerned and leading to smooth processes. Preciseness and flexibility are essential to this end, as much as a high level of service orientation.

The most important agendas in brief

  • Planning of exhibition areas with an optimum of room layout and surface planning potentials
  • Allocation of booth areas to sponsors and exhibitors
  • Compilation of a Technical Manual containing all relevant logistic and technical information in addition to order forms for auxiliary services
  • Accounting of orders and key contact for exhibitors, agencies and stand building contractors, in the preparation phase and on site
  • Revision and authorisation of stand construction plans
  • Coordination with conference venue, the official freight forwarder and all involved partners
  • Service counter with an experienced on-site team

Programme implementation – advertisement, printing, shipping

In the sales phase, Media-Plan also canvasses advertisers in order to support the printing and shipping of congress announcements and programmes. In this line, Media-Plan serves as a coordination center for programme preparations and printing shop activities. Printing is quickly and flexibly realised with our affiliated printers at Robidruck. Shipping is implemented with the Adressenverlag, our affiliated and specialised partners at the Ärztezentrale.

Stand assembly / scientific poster exhibitions

Media-Plan has its own dependable stand assembly unit which offers the following services, including transportation and professional stand building/disassembly in Austria and its neighboring countries:

  • Standard exhibition stands
  • Rental furniture and equipment for booths
  • Registration desks
  • Conference signages
  • Poster boards for scientific poster exhibitions, including the preparation and fitting of poster numbers
  • Long-time cooperation with partners in the production of special and designed exhibition stands, domestically and abroad